Foobot Good Air Guru indoor air quality monitor

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4/5 on April 27, 2017

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153 reviews


  • A wide range of connectivity options means it can be the brain of your smart air quality system
  • Easy to use mobile app
  • Wide array of sensors covering most air monitoring needs


  • The software is still undergoing tweaking so it may affect the device's calibration


The Foobot is in our opinion the most mature of these first generation consumer air quality monitors. There are very few whose needs won't be covered by what this device has to offer. And it's only bound to get better as the company learns from the teething problems they have faced.

The Good Air Guru by Foobot may be the best known indoor air quality monitor. This is no accident. It’s well designed and comes jam-packed with excellent features and the company has a solid social media presence. But just how good is the Foobot?


The Foobot is by no means perfect. It however comes closest to the ideals we’re looking for in an air quality monitor. The unit comes equipped with sensors for VOCs, PM2.5, humidity and temperature. It also shows carbon dioxide readings calculated using an algorithm based on VOC readings. I wouldn’t trust this though and if CO2 is important for you, you can augment with a separate carbon dioxide monitor.

It’s comes with an mobile app (available for iOS and Android) used to configure the unit and also view real-time data about your home air in the form of graphs. You also receive alerts for pollution-level events. The app enables you to track the evolution of air quality in your home over time.

Foobot connects with Google’s Nest, Ecobee, the Amazon Echo, IFTTT and more. Since it’s a smart device, it can be configured to connect to your other smart devices around the house. This can be anything from the obvious smart thermostat and HVAC to programming a time to turn off smart light bulbs.

You can add another Foobot to your account so you can control several devices across several rooms. This ablity to control several units from the same mobile device means that you can create a house wide system to ensure excellent air quality indoors.


Setting up your Foobot

When you first receive your Foobot, you will have to connect to the WiFi so that the unit can receive updates. This calibrates it using the latest software. Afterwards it spends the next 6 days adjusting its readings for the room it’s set up in.

It is designed as a monitor of air quality over time so you can notice sudden spikes in pollutants. As such it wouldn’t be the best tool to use for spot readings. You may need a separate monitor for more accurate on-the-spot readings. As a monitor for overall air quality over time it is second to none.


The field of consumer air quality monitors is still very young, relatively speaking. As such, the first generation units such as the Foobot will tend to suffer from certain weaknesses that prevent them from being perfect. The Foobot however is still a very good unit. It’s jack of all trades but a master of none. Despite this, we still feel it’s the best all-round indoor air quality monitor available as of this writing.

You can also compare how the Foobot compares with other indoor air quality monitors in our buyer’s guide.

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