The best air purifiers – Reviews and buying guide 2019


With so many brands producing air purifiers today, it can be difficult to know which purifiers to trust. Before investing hundreds of dollars in an air purifier, it is important to be informed about which brands offer the best filtration for the best price. Different brands tend to offer different features, price ranges, and filtration […]

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Best essential oil diffusers reviews and buying guide 2019


What is the best essential oil diffuser of 2019 Our top pick from the best essential oil diffusers is:- Zen Breeze Essential Oil Diffuser 2017 model Newer isn’t always better. But Zen Breeze’s latest offering is clearly better than anything out in the market right now. This ultrasonic diffuser has a 300ml capacity which means […]

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Best essential oils – These are the oils you should be using today


To help illustrate just how good the best essential oils are for your well being, let me tell you about how I was introduced to them. A couple of years ago, my wife dragged me to a spa. Yes, literally dragged me since at the time I used to regard sitting in front of the […]

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Indoor air quality: Why and how you can improve your home’s air today


Would you believe it if someone told you that the air inside your home/office is much more polluted than the air outside? What if you were told that it is actually more dangerous to be inside your house/office than outside because of all the harmful allergens that you are inhaling and living with on a […]

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Best indoor plants for air purification – Buying air purifying plants


Indoor plants are the underrated heroes of interior design and air quality. Air purifying plants should be in every home. For many people, plants come way down on the list of things needed for home improvement. However, plants can be the first line of defense against dirty air in the home. It’s no wonder that […]

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Indoor air quality monitors: Which are the best and why

Indoor air quality monitor

Why do we need indoor air quality monitors? Allow me to illustrate using an anecdote. Sometime last year, my sister-in-law was nursing a newborn baby. However, the baby just couldn’t stop crying at night. My sister-in-law tried all remedies. She visited several doctors but they couldn’t find anything wrong with the baby. As far as […]

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