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31 great gift ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day

Looking for the one gift that will make your Mom feel appreciated this Mother’s Day? Or you want to make your wife remember she’s still number 1? Here are some excellent ideas.

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Mother’s Day is now less than a month away here in the US. As the day looms, some of us out there may find ourselves paralyzed with indecision over what to get or do for the significant ladies in our lives.

Do you have an idea of how to show you appreciation for your mother, your wife (mother of your child[ren]), sister with kids or even your mother-in-law? If not, fret not, ‘coz we’re here to give you basic ideas on what you can do to make the day special for the women that matter in your life.

Fun Mother’s Day activities

The Tipper’s personal favorite is experience type gifts. That means taking a trip somewhere, making new memories with experiences that we can laugh about for the rest of our lives. The bonding these trips offer is second to none. So what kind of trips can be had?

Well snorkeling is an all time favorite of the Tipper family so I definitely recommend that for whoever can manage. And it’s something that the entire family can enjoy. It’s perfect for mothers who enjoy outdoors activities. For first timers, just ensure to bring along your snorkeling gear.


Snorkeling is a fun and memorable Mother’s Day activity

An alternative to snorkeling for those of us that live far from the sea is hiking. I believe there’s a perfect hiking spot a couple of minutes drive from any major town or city. You can quickly grab your hiking boots at a moment’s notice and run off to create special memories together.

There’s always the classic dinner at a fancy restaurant, though that could be in addition to another gift.

For those who may not be able to spend some time together on Mother’s Day, there’s always the option of sending gifts. But what gifts suit this day best.

Personalized sentimental gifts

If you’re artistically inclined you could always compose a song or paint your gift. Unfortunately majority of us can barely draw better than stick figures AND at the same time sound like croaking frogs. Luckily there are places where you can commission meaningful artsy gifts that will just melt your mother’s heart.


This swivel bar necklace can be stamped with children’s names

Personalized jewellery like this personalized gold swivel bar necklace which is stamped with the receiver’s name are a good idea for a gift with a personal touch. Or for mums that love to host parties you can get them a personalized serving tray, engraved with the family name or whichever message.

You can top this off with an engraved wood Mother’s Day card and handmade one-of-a-kind earrings and this beautiful vegan leather tote bag to top off the look.


Wood Mother’s Day card with lovely message

Gifts for mothers that love gadgets

Right off the bat, I am yet to meet a gadget-lover that doesn’t love the Amazon Echo. With its Alexa voice control you can play music, controls other smart devices in your home, reads out any information you ask of it and a lot more. Heck the lucky mother that receives this gift can use it to shop for your birthday or Christmas gifts, so you can expect that good karma come the end of the year.


The Echo Dot is one of the hottest gadgets out there

The Echo Dot does the same but in a smaller package, meaning you can place several across different rooms in your home. (NOTE: Definitely not a good gift for someone that fears the machines taking over)

A gift that mothers who struggle with stress will definitely appreciate is the Naipo Breo eye massager. This gadget comes with music, three compression modes and is heated. After a long stressful day, there’s nothing as good as a relaxing, warm massage as the relaxing music helps you drift off to your happy place.


Fitbit Charge 2

For a mother keen on exercise a Fitbit Charge 2 makes the perfect gift. A Fitbit remains the best way to track your fitness progress and helps you set and monitor targets. For mothers that would prefer a better looking tracker you can go for the Tory Burch Fitbit Fret bracelet to accessorize the Fitbit Flex.

Laptops and tablets

In this day and age it’s hard to believe that there are some people that are yet to own their first computer. They do however exist out there. My aunt being one of them. (Yes I am getting her a laptop this Mother’s Day just so she can Skype her grandkids instead of complaining of only seeing them every Christmas).

Many others are just in need of upgrading of laptops that have been to hell and back. Whatever the reason, a laptop as a Mother’s day gift should really brighten the spirits of a lucky mother.


This Asus laptop is a great all round computer

For simple computing tasks around the home like checking mail and Youtube, the Acer Aspire E15 or a similar-speced laptop would suit perfectly. For the mother that needs a laptop for work, it would be better to go for this HP 15-incher. For a mix of both work and play, the Asus UX360CA touchscreen laptop is just the right fit. Of course any of these work well for Skyping the grandkids.

If a laptop isn’t your thing you can still go for a tablet in the form of the recently released Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. This is the best touch of elegance with its sleek design and stylus pen which of course would be perfect for anyone that does a lot of sketching or prefers handwritten notes. Alternatively you can go for the soon-to-be-released Samsung Galaxy S8 phone which is due to be released on April 28th. If you pre-order now, the important ladies in your life could be sporting a spanking new smartphone on Mother’s Day morning.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 with keyboard cover

In case you prefer Apple products though, you’re still covered. A Macbook Air accessorized with a Mosiso plastic hard case gives this gift whatever character you want to fit the receiver. An alternative to the Android tablet is Apple’s Ipad Pro 9.7 inch model which is compatible with the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard, turning it into a highly versatile tablet/mobile computer hybrid.

Gifts for mothers that like reading

There is a huge selection on offer for people that like reading. I think this is the group of people for whom getting gifts should be the easiest. So how can we make a special gift for a reader mom?


For one the Kindle Paperwhite will give them their entire selection of books on their palm in a lightweight package. Now they can read at their convenience even while traveling without the added weight of lugging around a couple of books. This particular Kindle is also glare free so reading outside on a warm day is much simpler than on a tablet or laptop.

Traditional paper books still have their die hard fans, myself included. A recent favorite of mine is Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. This book is so compelling and no wonder it has been adapted into a very popular Netflix Original series. I guarantee this will be a beloved gift.

A wonderful cookbook for culinary oriented moms is the Slow Cooker Cookbook by Clark Weber. The author is a New York chef and this collection includes only the healthiest but tasty low calorie recipes so it’s also great for moms that are watching what they eat.

Watches as Mother’s Day gifts


A good watch is the most timeless of gifts (pun intended). The right watch can last for generations and not lose time or suffer from visible wear as long as it’s well-kept. I believe a carefully chosen gift watch shall be very warmly received this Mother’s Day, and it need not even be expensive.

A great example of this is the relatively inexpensive Burgmeister BM 510 which looks elegant despite its modest price tag. If less muted aesthetics are desired, the Elico Assoulini SU5975937 or this Burei watch would be a better fit. Our absolute favorite and our recommended watch if you can afford it is the Tissot T60124993. It has in our opinion the right blend of flash and class to fit into most scenarios. Business or fun.

Bath and beauty gift sets

So we saved the best for last. Everyone jumps at the chance to look, feel and smell like a superstar. We have just the right combination of beauty product gift sets that will give a lucky mother just that right from bath to the last bit of her outfit.


Burberry perfume bath lotion gift set

First of all we begin with the Dr. Jeffrey McCombs recommended Detoxify and regenerate bath set to ensure that by the time she steps out of her bathtub, half of all the stresses of the world have been washed away. For make up we shall go with the Stila foundation, concealer and brush kit. Her nails shall be taken care of by the Zoya nail polih and lipstick gift set. To top it all off her fragrance shall be the exquisite Burberry perfume bath lotion gift set. Alternatively we can opt for the just as good Elizabeth Arden Always Red perfume set.

Honorable mentions


Cuisinart DCC 3200 coffee machine

This has just been a launching point for ideas of what you can get a special lady for Mother’s Day. Otherwise the options are unlimited. For example you can get a camera such as one of these Canon or Panasonic point-and-shoot cameras for documenting of family events. Or these sunglasses for pure style at the beach. This wonderful Cuisinart coffeemaker is perfect for the mother that can’t live without her cup of joe. And this birthstone ornament would be highly appreciated by many. If however more options just confuse you more, a gift card could also be just as good. The choice is yours.







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